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AdFIND.TV is a marketing company that helps small and medium business improve their visibility with video sales presentation.

Services include:

Business video profiles and testimonials

At the most basic level, we help use online video to introduce audiences to your team, to share customer experiences and testimonials, and to showcase your company’s culture and values.

Business video updates

Deliver regular company, product or service information with online video, and share it with your audience. Gone are the days where e-mail marketing campaigns are the be-all-and-end-all to disseminate information. Shake things up by sharing important messages. If you do e-mail marketing on a regular basis, try embedding a video update to offer something new to inboxes.

Behind-the-scenes footage

Provide an insider perspective. Sharing behind-the-scenes footage offers a sense of inclusion in your community, rewarding those who have been early adopters of your products or services, or who can help share your brand’s message with a broader audience.

Explain a concept

Videos are known to be the best teaching tools by embracing the “show, don’t tell” philosophy. Use them to broadcast things such as industry news and how-to tutorials. When clients view your basic tutorials, they will be inclined to contact you for complex projects as they refer to you as an expert. We will help you build a comprehensive web series that will help clients understand your credentials.

Document Events:

Online video allows your company to further market  by capturing and sharing events. Your customers will feel like they’re part of the action, creating a stronger bond. You can capture and share from industry seminars, workshops, and even meetings. You can use video to capture either your company’s involvement or reactions or feedback.

Branded web series

Four years ago, for example, Ikea launched its heavily branded Easy To Assemble, which earned the brand millions of YouTube hits, not to mention winning numerous advertising and creative awards.

Whether you’re selling professional services, you run a restaurant, you’re in retail or real estate, the companies that are able to use visual media most effectively will come out on top. Sharing what you do with the benefits of sight and sound builds an emotional connection with your audience in a way that’s impossible to establish with just text.


For more details, contact one of our Executive Producers: 905-738-6530

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