Why Make A Video?

Video is shared more than any other kind of online content, meaning that if you get it right, it’s the most efficient way to spread your message. It’s also effective: research by video marketing strategist Invodo reveals that over half of consumers feel more confident about buying a product or service after watching a video.

That means that if you’re not doing video, you’re missing out on sales.

Videos don’t have to be long or complex to make an impact, as Instagram has shown with its 15-second video hosting and Twitter has proven with Vine. This format is being embraced by many of the world’s largest brands including Nike and Virgin America. Often short video bursts can be highly effective and easy to share.

What does this mean for your business? Video content marketing is all about creating a memorable visual representation of your brand. For it to be most effective, you need to learn how to use this storytelling medium effectively and incorporate it into your content strategy, much as you would with blogs or articles. While not all video needs to be heavily produced, it does need to be polished to a level at which it aligns with your brand and its messaging.





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